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Enter Your Office Setup product Key To Get Started! - A revolutionary product of Microsoft named as MS office or Microsoft Office is a collection of different applications of the computer. MS Office suite includes a wide range of applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS Powerpoint etc. The company develops a number of products for the consumer and business purposes. MS Office is actually, famous for its user-friendly services.

With its wide range of services, it has become a Must have software for the home as well as office use. However, you can download the latest version available in the market from the link By visiting the link you may also be able to manage your product subscription and renewal online. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the process to download and install MS Office.

Steps to Download and Install MS Office -

Step 1. Signing in with Microsoft Account:

First of all, if you need MS office to be installed on your PC, you need to visit the official website of Microsoft Office. Here, mentioning the complete process to Install MS office on your PC or you can visit

  • In order to install MS office in your Computer, you need to go to the official website of MS office visiting www. from your computer browser.

  • Once you reach the page, the page welcomes you by asking “Sign in” and “Get Office” options. You need to sign in first if you have existing Microsoft Email id.

  • Furthermore, when you click on “sign in” option, the page will take you to the signing in the page.

  • If you want to sign in, either you can simply type your Microsoft email id or you can  “create one” from the same page present on your screen. (We are assuming that you already have a Microsoft Email id)

  • When you have signed in you can now follow the further steps to download MS office.

Step 2. Installing MS office:

In the second step, We are going to mention some steps which helps you to install MS office in your PC. You can also visit for further assistance. Here are the further steps:

  • Once you have opened the home page of MS office with your Microsoft ID, you will be greeted first by Office.

  • Here, you need to be a subscriber of Office 365 to get the installation option. (We are assuming that you are a subscriber of Office 365)

  • Furthermore, you need to be a genuine subscriber of office 365 you will be getting an option “install” on your computer screen.

  • Right before starting the installation process, the page will ask you for language and bit to install MS office in.

  • Next, when the installation will begin, a pop will appear on your screen. Commonly, it depends on the browser you are using to install MS office.

  • Let me tell you that if you are using Google Chrome to install MS Office, “setup” option will come up. However, you need to click on it to begin the installation.

  • Similarly, in Mozilla Firefox, “save file” and in Internet Explorer “run” options will come up.

  • You also have to click “Yes” if it asks “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device”

  • In the end, if your installation is almost completed, a phrase will come up to your screen, “You’re are all set! The office is installed now”.

The above-mentioned steps can be used to download and install MS Office on your computer without any trouble. But, if you find it difficult then you may contact Office Support or visit us at for help.

FAQs -

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For more details or to get the better assistance, you may contact Office Support or visit us at online.

Installing MS office in your PC
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